Magandang umaga. Mas maganda pa ko sa umaga actually haaays. Hahahahahaha yo 🌞

Baka ako? Haha Goodmorning CJ!!!!!! Sorry medyo kakagisng ko lang, brunch? 🙈🙊😸

Sometimes the people we meet are like our dreams. For a moment you enjoy their presence as you cherish every happenings, but later on, they end— you waking up and them leaving you.

Every hour of wait is a choice to continue waiting.


"Ang seryoso mo po." -after reading my blog.

"Baliw ka po." -after talking to me for hours.

I like torturing myself by saying I’m happy for the both of you and pretending it doesn’t hurt.


Wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts

This song (specifically these lyrics) has been playing repeatedly in my mind

When you don’t repy I always get mixed emotions. I feel like you just stare at my message and think that I’m a waste of time to talk to. I feel like I’m not worth your time and effort to reply. I feel insignificant. I find myself annoying. That I always demand your fast replies even if I shouldn’t. I want to feel mad. I want you to feel sorry. I want you to realize my importance. But I just can’t. In the end, I’m always the one who give in.
You know what’s the ugly side of not having commitments and settling in flings? It is when all of a sudden, he stopped texting you sweet goodnight messages. He stopped reminding you to eat at times. He starts replying too short that would make you feel that he doesn’t want to talk to you at all. You feel everything slowly being gone, slowly going away. But you can’t ask why, you can’t complain, you can’t get mad. Because in the first place, you don’t have the right.