And just when I close my eyes, I see his last message getting shorter and more colorless every night.
— goodnight // 1 am;

12: 01 

hey still awake?


what makes you stay this late?

i guess i just feel like staying up at night and i am not sleepy yet, you? why won’t you sleep now?

later, maybe

not sleepy too?

actually i am haha

then go sleep now, why wont you?

im used staying widely awake until 3 am

well you shouldn’t be

i know. no matter how my eyes wanted to take their rest, my mind still urges to wait.

for what?

no, rephrase your question, more like for whom.

okay, and for whom?

for him. i know im being silly but im waiting that i can receive a 3 am message from someone i used to stay up late with, and share stories, and laugh way too suddenly about funny things, we’ll reminisce together. and end the conversation with serious and honest confessions… and i guess, you may not say it to me, you’re doing the same thing, we are both waiting.

yes, for something we know won’t come

and end up sleeping

and hope the next nights


you too, thanks for the time xx

1:43 am

i love you bes

marami rin kmeng andito paa’t nagmamahal syo okaaaay wag magdrama nakakaimpis ng dibdib hahaha i love you more


i don’t know
where you are
how you’ve been

but i hope you still
check my blog,

know that
i post here is
just for you,

i hope
you’re okay,

please be okay

i miss you

i have a busy life, that tiring one, the one who would drain your energy up, the one who seems a twin sibling of problems, but i always tell myself that no matter how hard life is for me, i still have you.

but now, nothing changed. except that i lost you. and that you aren’t here anymore.


I guess this is why people here in tumblr is getting inactive. The blogging site that was used to be an escape turned into a judgemental, dating and fame site.

Ate ano pong ginagamit nyong filter sa mga pics nyo? Tulad dun sa post nyo na 'Aw kapit filter'? Hahahahaha.

Vsco cam 😉 yung T1 :——)

One day you’ll kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life.
— Unknown (via perfect)

it’s just unfair.


everything. this, this is unfair. that i’m always there every fucking time you need me, but when I once did, you were not and nowhere to be found. unfair. that i give my one hundred effort and you give not even a half of mine. unfair. that i think about you every minute of the day, wish to talk to you, but you’re too busy. until you’re bored. and you started a conversation, and i was busy, but still i managed, because no amount of work done can replace the relief of happiness i feel when you finally talk to me.

  • Before: Hi. How are you? I'm okay. You? *tells the story of your whole life, conversation ends at 2 in the morning*
  • Nowadays: Hi. Its been a long time. I miss you so much.